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Jun 12, 2023. 4 mins read

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10 Winter Boredom Busters for Kids

Ah, yes, that dreaded time of year is upon us once again. It’s the season when parents find themselves contemplating drastic measures, like hiding out in the bathroom or perfecting their hair-pulling technique. Yes, it’s tax time, winter break AND school holidays combined. The worst. As school doors close and the weather gets frightful, it’s time to summon your inner creativity and banish those “i’m bored” declarations from your little dears. With these fantastic winter activities for kids, you’ll bust right through the boredom and head for some fun intrepid adventures.

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Remember the Importance of Creative Play

Children need to play. It's practically as vital to their overall well-being as physical exercise and eating their veggies. Building confidence, feeling safe, and improving learning and communication skills are only some of the many benefits of demonstrating play's importance for kids. Other positive factors include increased social awareness, problem-solving abilities, and motor skills.

Now, make no mistake. A little boredom is good for kids. When kids don't have something to do every second of the day, they become really creative with ways to pass the time (remember, we did it as kids with NO technology!). Being bored makes way for cardboard rocket ships, trips to the moon, and quite exciting kitchen concoctions. All these types of play are essential to child development.

But it doesn't mean you must step back completely and let your kids fend for themselves. Providing a few good ideas of things to do helps your children strike a balance between boredom and planned activities. No, you don’t need to buy the latest video games or toys or bring your kids to fancy indoor play centres, zoos, or movies.

That's right, Mum. Put away your wallet. There are lots of ways to entertain your kids without going broke. So as you prepare for winter, keep these indoor and outdoor activities for children ready.

Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

Look, there’s no denying it’s great when your kids play in the backyard for a bit while you prep dinner. Or maybe you love bringing your kids to the park. They play, and you get to socialise with other mums.

But what if the weather ends up bringing you and your family indoors? There’s no need to stress out. Keeping kids busy during winter is a breeze with these fun activities.

1. Hunt for Indoor Treasure

Give your best pirate impression as you tell your kids to find the treasure. Hide a few trinkets or your kids’ favourite sweets throughout the house and give them clues to find the goodies. For a twist, have your kids draw up a treasure map and send you on a quest.

2. Have Paper Airplane Contests

Kids love paper aeroplanes, but there’s a lot more to these simple classics than tossing them around the room. Hold a contest for who has the fastest plane or the one that goes the farthest. Bring a bit of engineering into the mix with a creation station where kids adjust and alter their planes to make them faster or more streamlined.

3. Embrace Science and Art

Check out some science experiments for kids to do at home, or haul out the crafts supplies and paint. Draw self-portraits, paint a mural, sculpt with clay, or design homemade jewellery. Test out theories, build a volcano, or track the growth of a plant. These winter play ideas for kids keep things fun and also encourage learning.

4. Hold a Board Game Marathon

Drag out all of your board games and make a few tasty snacks together to prepare for the ultimate marathon. Set up a winner’s chart and have playoffs and championships. It’s taking the basic board game to a whole new level.

5. Create a Wintertime Storybook

Start drawing and writing about what you do as a family at the beginning of the season. Each day, every other day, or however often works for you, add another page. By the end of winter, you’ll have a beautiful, family-created memory to share.

Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

You don’t need to stay cooped up indoors all through winter. You’ll get plenty of opportunities for fun winter activities you can do outside, too.

6. Take a Winter Hike

Go on a family hike at a local or national park, botanical garden or even through your neighbourhood. Make it interesting by drawing up scavenger hunt lists before you go so that kids stay alert and focused on the adventure.

7. Make Mud Pies

A little rain doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house. Let kids get messy and splash in puddles, dig in the mud, and have a ball. Give them a few kitchen items, like mixing bowls, moulds, and utensils, so they can whip up some super-yucky mud pies (you might want to pick up a pair of rain boots and a raincoat first).

8. Gardening

Engage kids in gardening activities. They can help plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables in your backyard or in small pots or containers. Watching the plants grow over time is an educational and rewarding experience.

9. Build Bug Houses

Go on a bug hunt in the backyard and use leaves and twigs to build the ultimate bug house or hotel. Talk about the insects with your kids, and release them into their new home after construction’s complete.

10. Run an Obstacle Course

Providing opportunities for kids to be active each day is essential for good health. Think how great Ninja Warrior is with kids! But tell your kids they need to exercise, and you’ll probably get back a lot of eye rolls and groans. However, set up a cool obstacle course, and kids won’t even know they’re doing something good for them.

Tips for Making the Most of the Winter Season with Kids

Keep your wits about you this winter, and use these tips to create kid-friendly experiences.

  • Get involved and participate in activities with your kids.

  • Use Sassybae to swap toys and keep things fresh without breaking the bank.

  • Change up the scenery with trips to the local library, playground, or museum.

  • Set up a couple of boxes with various crafts, games, and activities that are easy to pull out on a rainy day.

  • Don’t stress out if your kids say they’re bored. They’ll survive just like we did.

Welcoming Winter: Don’t Let Playtime Grow Cold

Embrace winter break instead of breaking out in a cold sweat. These winter activities make it super easy to keep children engaged without spending tons of money. And, spoiler alert, you’ll be more relaxed and just might have some fun too.

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