Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

Jul 10, 2023. 5 mins read

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11 Healthy Habits to a Calm Morning Routine

Life is HECTIC, and you probably never really grasped how hectic parenthood would be until maternity leave was over, you’re back at work and you have a five minute window to get the kids from bed to breakfast club. Gone are the days you’d have a hot cup of tea BEFORE you left the house! Now it’s a portable coffee flask, a very dry breakfast biscuit at the wheel and a splash of mascara and blusher in the office toilets. To help you combat the busy mornings, we’ve pulled together 11 healthy habits to help create a sense of peace and organisation within your home and routine.


1. Set an alarm

If you are still in the realm of babies and toddlers, then you are probably longing for the day you get to set a morning alarm. Instead, we normally rise to cries, vocal demands for ‘MILLLKK’ or a simple poke on the head (joy isn’t it?). But even for early rises, the uncertainty of time can cause hidden stresses and anxieties. Regardless of your child’s wake time, try setting an alarm. It will give you structure for your morning routine and take away any surprise ‘over-sleeping’. If you’re really keen, trial getting up before your children wake you – harness the power of making the decision and be in control of your day. 

2. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Keep a glass in your bedroom or bathroom. Before you do ANYTHING else, fill that glass to the brim of watery goodness and neck it back like it’s 1999. We know it’s important to get our 2 litres of water a day, and by making sure this first drink is down the hatch, we will be well on our way to smashing a daily goal. It will also stimulate your bowels, brain activity and alertness – just simply adding to your new efficient mornings.

3. You’ve made your bed, now lie in it

This well known proverb means that a woman finds herself in situations or consequences she creates for herself. Just another perfect example of harnessing the power of the day and being in control of what’s to come. Air your sheets, tighten and tuck the corners, and don’t forget to add your favourite Kmart scatter cushions for the finishing touch!

4. Family playlist

To help get you all up and out of bed with a skip in your step, you each get to pick a song to listen to together while you’re getting ready. A bit of family karaoke and a Tuesday morning boogie can brighten any mood and get you moving in the mornings. It’s also a good opportunity to understand what your children are into and ask questions – or just recommend your favourite NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL SUMMER 2007 BANGER!

5. Capsule wardrobes 

If you haven’t yet heard of this trend, it's going to change your life. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that comprises interchangeable items, to maximise the number of mix and match outfits that can be created. This will save you plenty of outfit planning time and coinage!! It would also be an added bonus If you can do this for your children – so when they are demanding what top they want to wear you’ll know it will go with their trousers! Also, take a look at how you can create a greener future by investing in sustainable kids fashion and hit two birds with one stone through a capsule wardrobe.

6. Set your stations 

Give each member of your house their own ‘station’. A place for their shoes, bag, homework, PE kit, consent forms and jackets. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the tidiest area of the house, it just has to be easy to see and hard to forget. Throughout the evening before and the morning rush, chuck their belongings into the station and empty that long mental list you’ve been carrying all night long. It could just be a space on the floor, a hanging station in the hallway or a box by the door that can be lifted straight into the car!

7. Prior preparation prevents poor performance

This is old and obvious… PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE! Our mums said it, their mums said it, it’s now our turn to say it! Pack lunches, uniforms, breakfast bowls and homework. Lay it all out, get it ready and be prepared the night before. Why put off tomorrow what can be done today. It will take you minutes on an evening but will transform your stressy mum brain. Check out our blog page for inspiring lunch box hacks for busy parents.

8. An aim a day

At breakfast, while putting their shoes on, or on your drive to school talk to your children about an aim that day. “Remember to talk to your teacher today about your homework”. “Help your friends at childcare today”. “No biting our friends at nursery today”! Whatever it might be, set something to accomplish… and that includes yourself! Is it a piece of life admin in your lunch break? Or a friend that you haven’t replied to? Do one and it’ll make you feel tons better for the day.

9. Where’s my phone, where’s my keys?!

When you’re in the midst of the morning rush, try and keep off your phone – it’s only a distraction and something you’ll inevitably be unable to find as you’re heading out the door. When you come down in the mornings leave your phone with your keys in the same, safe place. No pocket tapping and shouting as you’re trying to open the car!

10. Set the clock

ALWAYS plan to leave the house 10 minutes before you really need to. Then you’ll always have a contingency slot for emergency toilet breaks, traffic jams or “I forgot the kids hat” scenarios. You can always leave the house knowing you’ll get to where you need to be in plenty of time with no last minute rushing. 

11. Just for fun… but seriously!

One very dedicated parent to a smooth morning routine, came up with this banger… Why not just put your children to bed in their clothes ready for the next day? No arguing over outfits or wrestling toddlers into socks and skinny leggings? No lie, we've done this ourselves and it works (if you can get your head around it!).

You’ve got the list now time to get buy in

Now, implementing all of these tricks simultaneously is an unlikely task. But how about starting with three positive changes to your current routine, and see how they go? Ask your children if they can help and ask their opinion on which tip they would like to try. The important thing is that your whole family buys into these new behaviours and pulls their weight to help them succeed. I wonder if they’ll opt for tip number 11? One can only dream.

Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

Wordsmith. Runner & Hockey player. Mum of two under two.

Tired, all the time. A childcare and education marketing specialist who loves documenting and transcribing the highs and lows of family life. You'll find her in the sunshine, in a sports bra chasing kids on scooters. A pizza fanatic with a small addiction to mojitos. Hates green vegetables but now has to pretend they're her favourite food 5 days a week.

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