Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

Apr 3, 2023. 2 mins read

Home Life

Egg-citing Easter Activities When You’re at Home with the Kids

As Easter approaches, get ready for a season of egg-spectation and egg-citement! Your kids are probably already dreaming of chocolate eggs, while you're wondering how many you can sneak before they notice. It’s a time filled with decorating and hiding eggs, making paper rabbits and chicks, and whipping up pastel-coloured sweet treats. Ready to give your at-home Easter activities a boost? It doesn’t take a lot of planning, money, or crazy scheduling (phew, right?). Check out these simple, fun, and creative Easter activities for kids at home. They’re sure to make this Easter a little eggstra special


1. Easter Crafts for Kids

Kids' crafts give you instant access to affordable, engaging ways to spend time with your children. There’s nothing like a few sparkly pom-poms, glue, and finger paint to bring you and your kids closer together. Seriously, though, arts and crafts are excellent for sparking creativity and conversation and building anticipation for the upcoming Easter holiday.

So roll out the toss-away table covers and bring on the glitter, mums! Here are some fun Easter arts and crafts for you and your little ones to try.

  • Turn Socks into Your Very Own Easter Bilby – This cute craft from envato tuts+ shows you how to turn an ordinary sock into a plush Easter bilby using a few simple craft supplies. 

  • Create a Beautiful Easter Tree – Make various Easter-themed ornaments and display them on a few branches you and your family gather during a nature hike together. Decorate plastic eggs, make salt dough Easter shapes, or cut out paper eggs and write special notes to each other. Place the branches in a vase and let everyone hang the ornaments together.

  • Cute Popsicle Stick Chicks – How cute are these chicks from Crafty Morning? Boost the fun (and the imaginations) with different colours so kids can put their own style stamps on their Easter creations.

2. Decorating Easter Eggs

One of the most popular holiday traditions when it comes to Easter is dyeing Easter eggs. Pick up an easy-to-use dye kit at Aldi or Kmart, or make things even simpler by using a few coloured Sharpies to decorate Easter eggs. Another child-friendly favourite is to embellish hard boiled eggs with stickers and googly eyes to create funny characters.

3. Don’t Forget the Easter Egg Hunt

After decorating Easter eggs together, it’s time for the classic Easter egg hunt. 

  • Go the traditional route and hide the eggs in the backyard. Kids can swap out their eggs for special treats and prizes.

  • Pile all the Easter eggs into a special basket and draw up a treasure map for your kids.

  • Raining? No problem. Hide Easter eggs throughout the house. Make it more challenging by giving your kids clues about each egg’s location.

4. Easter Activities for Families

Easter is a time to bring families together, so it makes sense to add a few family activities to the holiday preparations. You’re sure to enjoy quality family time thanks to these fun and creative Easter activities for kids at home. 

  • Put on your favourite Easter aprons and whip up some Vegemite Hot Cross Buns to enjoy with friends and relatives. 

  • Play an Easter-themed bean bag toss, which you can also make together with your kids. Toss bean bags into the Easter Bilby’s mouth. Or be super silly and draw a pic of you or your kids, cut out the mouth, and toss “Easter candy.”

  • Put together an Easter sensory bin for your children to explore. This project is as easy as it gets when it comes to DIY Easter activities for kids. But don’t hold back, parents. Dig into playtime with your children – they’ll absolutely love it!

Easter’s On Its Way!

You don’t have to travel far to give your children an incredible Easter experience. There are tons of fun and creative Easter activities for kids at home, and best of all, you don't have to spend a lot of money.  

A little effort, imagination, and some basic supplies give you the power to entertain your kids without going broke. (Now, if only something gave you the power to eat all that yummy Easter candy without packing on the pounds.) One thing at a time. Happy Easter

Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

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Tired, all the time. A childcare and education marketing specialist who loves documenting and transcribing the highs and lows of family life. You'll find her in the sunshine, in a sports bra chasing kids on scooters. A pizza fanatic with a small addiction to mojitos. Hates green vegetables but now has to pretend they're her favourite food 5 days a week.

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