Paula Scott

Paula Scott

Aug 21, 2023. 4 mins read

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How To Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day

Let’s be honest, there always seems to be a whole heckuva lot of fanfare around Mother’s Day, but what about the dads? I know it may seem like every day is Dad’s Day - they get to golf when they want, they go fishing, and they aren’t *usually* the meal planner, bum wiper, shipper/receiver, night nurse, party planner, personal shopper… wow, I’m exhausted even thinking about what we mums do in a day. (Side note: Is it a stretch to add these to my resume? Will circle back to that later.) Now before you get your knickers in a knot, yes, I’m generalising… and maybe I’m picturing my dear husband… whom I love dearly despite the above… but, as a general rule, we Mums do A LOT. If you are a dad in the other boat that does your share or more, well, tip of the hat to you, fine, sir.

pretty daughters are painting the nails and combing the hair of their handsome young father

Dads: The Unsung Heroes

BUT, all kidding aside. I bet if we really think about it, our hubbies actually do so much. Our houses and lives would be markedly less without their contribution. They fix shit, clean the cars, lift all the heavy stuff, reach the high stuff, fire up the barbie and can make a mean chicken wing. They play with the kids – admittedly, I’m not the playing type; my kids call hubs the “fun one”. Ouch. With all that in mind, let’s celebrate the dads in a special way this year and let them know how much they mean to us. If he’s a flowers kind of guy, by all means, go buy the bouquet. But if that’s not his style, here are 5 ways to make him feel like a king… even if it is just for the day.

1. Outdoor Games and BBQ

Surprise him with your grilling prowess and cook him up his favourite dish. I know in my house, DH always leaves it to me to decide because he likes to make me happy (and food makes me happy). Don’t ask because you know he’ll just say, “Whatever you want, dear”. No help at all. While you are killing it on the grill, set up some yard games so he can relax and do what he does best. Make the kids cry because he is crushing their spirits by beating them at every game. No? Just mine? Play the games, eat the food, drink the drinks, and call it a successful Father’s Day.

2. Let there be golf…or whatever floats his boat!

Yes, he may get to do this all the time, but if he loves doing it, let him do it this Father’s Day guilt-free. Rally with your mum-friends to set some early tee times with all his best mates, and you will be the WIFE OF THE YEAR. Pro tip: Make it super early so they are home in time for a late lunch/ early dinner with the littles. While they are off swinging the clubs or casting their lines, what have you… you can prepare a lovely family meal ready for his return (see above). 

3. Brewery Hop

Set this up for your guy and his mates (and partners only if they are fun!) to get out and about whilst celebrating the fantastic dads they are. Take your bikes, rent scooters, and just hop around to a few places to drink every dad’s favourite beverage. Ok… yes, that is a huge stereotype (thanks, Homer), but it applies in our house. If that’s just not his thing… try wine tasting? Spirit tasting? Hell, if he’s into doughnuts, go get ‘em. The point here is to do something that you know he will love and enjoy. And he will appreciate the fact you noticed. Because, at the end of the day, that’s all everyone wants, amiright? 

4. Get the Kids Involved

They are the reason that he gets to partake in the whole Father’s Day thing, so include them in the plan! If they are old enough, ask them to make a sign or a booklet of their favourite things about Dad or their top 5 memories. And watch the tough guy melt into a pile of blubbering tears. If they aren’t yet old enough, help them by asking them what they love about their dad or why he’s the best dad, and you can make the sign. Again, queue the waterworks. On the surface, our guys may seem stoic, but we mums know that the little ones are their soft spot. Let them show Dad how much he means to them. Did I just start a family tradition? I think I did!

5. Leave Him Alone!

Now hear me out on this one. And I might sound like a mean mum by saying this, but I know on Mother’s Day, while I do want to spend some time with the ones that made me a mum… because I love and cherish them… I would also like to have a day to myself where I don’t have to worry about snacks, dinner, tidying up, and alllll the things. Maybe Dad would like the same? Guilt-free, no holds barred, unadulterated alone time. Spend half the day celebrating with a suggestion from above, or your unique way, but then send him off alone or with a few of his mates to have some guy time (can someone tell my husband about this idea? Please and thanks) or give him the ultimate peace at home if that’s what he prefers.  

Whichever way you celebrate the remarkable man in your life this Father’s Day, make sure he knows how loved he is and that life wouldn’t be any fun without him!

Paula Scott

Paula Scott

Active mum of 2 . Wife . Research Nerd . World Traveller . Adventure Seeker

Loves writing about fashion, travel, parenting, must-have products, and music. She can be found chasing her children, playing tennis, at the beach, or at a concert. Loves to eat. Hates to cook.

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