Monique Tait

Monique Tait

May 1, 2023. 4 mins read


Mother's Day Reminds Us to be Kind to Ourselves

Ask 100 mums how they celebrate Mother's Day, and you'll likely get 100 different responses. It might be breakfast in bed, a family picnic, taking a long nap, or simply not having to change a nappy all day (yes, please!).

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So when Mother's Day approaches on May 14th, how will you celebrate? We suggest taking advantage of this special day to be kind to yourself and use it as a starting point on a path to self-compassion and giving yourself a little grace (and maybe some chocolate).

Here are six things all mums should remember, not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

1. It's totally fine to make mistakes

Whether you forget to pack your kid's lunch, show up to work with two different shoes, or back the car into a post (yep, done all of those), don't beat yourself up. Mistakes are inevitable, especially when juggling more things than a circus performer with something to prove.

Dwelling on mishaps and replaying scenarios repeatedly to determine how you could have done them better gets you nowhere. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, let your mistakes remind you that you (and all the other mums out there) are only human. Embrace mistakes as teachable moments that help you improve your future self and teach your children how to handle the unexpected.

2. Self-Care looks different for every mum

At some point, every mum has heard the words, "You need to take care of you." But, as a mum, you know that advice is much easier said than done. However, the truth is it is essential to show yourself a little love. Happy mums equal happier kids, so snagging some me-time is good for the family.

But self-care doesn't automatically mean you need to do three hours of aerial yoga a week and daily meditation. It doesn't even mean you need to have regular spa days or sit in the garden sipping chamomile tea. And don't even get us started on the whole bubble bath and a glass of wine. If those aren't your thing, then don't force it. Everyone is unique, which means we all do self-care differently.

What's important is that you identify several things that make you feel great and leave you refreshed and renewed. These are the practices you want to set aside some time for each week to replenish your soul (and your patience). Let it become a natural part of your day instead of just another checkbox on your lengthy to-do list.

3. Social media is like a movie trailer

The comparison trap is one of the most challenging traps to escape in life. And today, with social media throwing everything directly into your face, it's hard not to start comparing yourself to other mums. However, it's crucial to recognise that what you see on social platforms is often not reality (or at least not the whole truth).

Think of people's social posts as a movie trailer. Watching a film teaser or promo shows you the highlights, leaving you wanting more. You often see the movie and realise all the best parts were in the trailer, and that is the same for people's social posts, just the shiny bits.

4. You’re not the only mum with coffee on her shirt

Going hand in hand with the idea of comparing yourself to others, it does help to remind yourself that everyone is struggling. No matter what you see on the surface, even that insta-perfect mum deals with toddler meltdowns in aisle three and hot coffee spills as she heads out the door.

Look for Facebook groups like the Stay at Home Mum that celebrate the not-so-perfect side of parenting. Talk with other mums about the hard stuff and learn that you're not the only one that gets frustrated and worn out…every…single…day.

5. You're the star of your life, not the supporting character

As a mum, you're pretty much programmed to put everyone else ahead of yourself. But here's something to drum into your brain – you are the star of your life. You are the leading lady, not the supporting character. So shift your focus back to you, Mum.

This doesn't turn you into a selfish egomaniac. It means you respect yourself, set boundaries, and recognise that you deserve love and attention too. So quit putting yourself on the back burner and celebrate your worth.

6. Recognise that sometimes (quite often) parenting sucks

Come on, Mum, you know you relish those two minutes locked in the bathroom chowing down on a hidden cookie stash. There's no other way to say it, no sugarcoating it; it's time to be real. Parenting can (and often does) suck.

Of course, it's full of tons of amazing experiences and beautiful moments, but you still want to crawl under a rock some days. It's okay to get tired, upset, confused, and every other emotion under the sun.

Remember, nobody has all the answers, so it's all about taking it one day at a time. Take a breath, keep cool as best you can, and stow a few Magnums in the freezer for emergencies.

It's Your Day, Mum. Time to Celebrate!

Mother's Day might mean a quiet day at home with your kids, resting (ahem), doing crafts, and making cupcakes. Perhaps it's you sleeping till noon and enjoying a lazy lunch with your family. Or it might be all about heading to the park for a picnic or enjoying a kid-made breakfast of pancakes with sprinkles.

No matter how you celebrate this special holiday, remember it's about you, Mum. Use it as an excuse to start cutting some slack and showing yourself much love. Happy Mother's Day!

Monique Tait

Monique Tait

Mothering . Wife . Founder . Chicken Wing Aficionado .

When she's not scouring the city for the best fried chicken joint, she's busy being a parenting superhero, starting with her new toy swapping app called Sassybae. Because let's be real, what better way to show your love for your kids than by swapping out their old toys for new ones? Monique is on a mission to make parenting easier, one wing and one toy at a time.

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