Paula Scott

Paula Scott

Jun 19, 2023. 5 mins read


Sick of the Sunday Scaries? Go Dry This July

Break up with the bottle this month. Your body – not to mention your bank account – will thank you. After a long day of chasing little humans around, nothing else takes the edge off like a healthy pour of a sweet rose or comforting red wine while watching Netflix. But what if I told you there are other ways to unwind after spinning your wheels all day? You’re probably thinking that I've lost the plot – and the jury’s still out on that – but hear me out – because I say we do Dry July.

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Dry July is a fundraiser that encourages people to go alcohol-free in July to raise funds for people affected by cancer. It’s a worthy cause and the perfect excuse to let a new you shine, free from the shackles of alcohol.

Trim that waistline!

Now that I have your attention, let's talk the truth. You treat your body like the temple that it is 90% of the time, but as soon as you crack that ice-cold bevy… all reason seems to fly out the window. Me? I love a tequila soda and feel like I'm winning at the calorie-consumption game when I'm drinking this little ditty. But without fail, I make AWFUL food choices when I'm two drinks deep. No salty snack is safe within a 10ft radius. And cheese? Fugetaboutit. I would walk over hot coals to get to a charcuterie board if there is a glass of vino in my hand. 

And what about the day after a wee bender? It's a hard pass on lettuce salad after waking up with the Sunday Scaries. Give me a bag of cheezels, KFC and a coke. I don't know why, but it helps with a hangover. CNN investigated why alcohol gives us the munchies which explains some of it or maybe our friend Ronald McDonald is some sort of sorcerer. Either way we all know – it works. All those drinks and bad choices add up and when we treat our bodies like this, we always end up feeling like trash with a bucket full of remorse. You take care of yourself all week to just give it all back on Saturday. We can do better. I believe in us!

Get some sleep!

Having that drink momentarily relaxes us, but the science doesn't support alcohol helping us rest. I know that even after one drink, I don't truly feel rested the next day. I may be able to fall asleep but I’ll be damned if I can stay asleep. According to Sleephub, red wine – and some white varietals – have high levels of salicylates… whatever those are… and they "can cause vivid dreams, restlessness during sleep and insomnia." Aha! It's not just in my head. Imagine a – whole month – of proper sleep on your body and mind! If that doesn't motivate you, I'm not sure what will!!

The kids are watching!

Not in a creepy way, but in a you-are-my-idol way. Children learn what they live and if they see us having a drink to unwind at the end of each day, DrinkWise tells us they will likely do the same. By choosing a healthier way to release all that stress, we set a good example. We don't want our kids to grow up believing that when times are tough – and even when they are not so tough – that the solution to our problems is to reach for a bottle. And as much as I love a good cocktail, it's never solved a problem. That said, let's give credit where credit is due. Those drinks have made me (think I’m) a better dancer, singer and they have definitely made me laugh… but a better problem-solver, they have not. So let's shelve them this month and see how productive we can really be.

So, what can we do this July instead of hunkering down with a full-bodied red? 

I wouldn't suggest taking away the yummy stuff without some badass alternatives to get you through. I'm a better mum friend than that!

1. Enlist your mates

You know, the ones you usually have that glass of wine with while you debrief about your crummy day. Yeah, those mates. Just like having an accountability partner to get your butt to the gym, having a partner in Dry July will keep you on track and can even make it – dare I say – FUN. 

2. Relish (and remember) alcohol free activities

Plan an activity on those nights you would normally be at the bar chin-wagging over a couple of espresso martinis. Make it an adventure! Try a cooking class or go to that spin class that you've been avoiding for the last, oh, five years or so. You can plan a game night with grog-free mocktails. Imagine waking up on Sunday with a clear mind and not feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. You can schedule that 7am yoga class and actually make it there!

3. Face into social situations without the sociables

Ugggh. I tense up at the thought of this. Despite all my good intentions, this is where it usually falls apart. I have come to rely on a little social lubricant to either make it through a get-together of people I don't know well or to up the ante with the ones I do. Undoubtedly, there will be partygoers who will scoff at the idea of putting down the bottle for the whole month, but you know they’re secretly jealous they don’t have the bravery or commitment to do it. These celebs know they have a super power without grog and own it so face those nay-sayers head on and be bloody proud! Take the opportunity to tell loose lips, Linda, to get bent. She'll be three sheets to the wind and probably won't recall anyway.

4. Watch your money grow from the trees

Dry July is like hitting the jackpot without even playing the lottery. It's like finding a pile of hidden treasure under your couch cushions, except the treasure is made of cold hard cash and not stale crumbs. No booze lifestyle is seriously trending in 2023 so get on board and put away all the cash you'll be pocketing by ditching those outrageous bar tabs, Ubers, and fast food binges that could finance a small country. One lady saved a staggering $28,000 in one year by ditching those expensive drinks.

Instead, you can watch your bank account grow like a majestic unicorn prancing through a field of rainbows or better still, donate it to charity and really feel the good feelies.

What are you waiting for?

So, who's with me?! I like a challenge and I'm committing to this Dry July goal. I want to prove to myself that I don't need a drink to unwind or be my most amazing self. I am awesome all on my own. And so are you. We can do hard things – we have birthed humans so I'm pretty sure we can do anything we put our minds to. We got this, mums. Cheers to us! 

Paula Scott

Paula Scott

Active mum of 2 . Wife . Research Nerd . World Traveller . Adventure Seeker

Loves writing about fashion, travel, parenting, must-have products, and music. She can be found chasing her children, playing tennis, at the beach, or at a concert. Loves to eat. Hates to cook.

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