Liz Iudakhina

Liz Iudakhina

Jan 27, 2024. 3 mins read


Snack Attack: 5 Easy Kids Snacks With A Healthy Twist

Meal planning and packing lunch boxes for littles is an age-old dilemma for busy parents - and snack time is no exception, trying to achieve a head-scratching balance between keeping little tummies satisfied and ensuring they get the nutrients they need.

Kids strawberry and blueberry perfect parfait against a white wood background

Need help brainstorming some yummy ideas? In this blog, we're serving up simple, tasty, and easy kid’s snacks that are both dietitian – and tiny food critics – approved! Say goodbye to the snack-time blues and hello to culinary delights that will have your kids asking for more and can easily be incorporated into your meal prepping.

1. Yoghurt Parfait 🫙

Looking for an appealing, filling and balanced delight that can be customised to your kids’ unique preferences and requirements? Enter the humble yoghurt parfait! At the heart of this snack is, of course, his majesty yoghurt, packed with amazing nutritional properties and health benefits. Combined with the goodness of fruit and satisfying crunch, a yoghurt parfait is a little wonder in a jar.


  1. Grab a small jar or glass

  2. Layer it with Greek yoghurt (or dairy-free alternative)

  3. Add your littles’ favourite fruit and berries

  4. Sprinkle something crunchy on top like granola or crushed cereal

  5. Repeat until you've created a vibrant rainbow of goodness! 

Hot tip: 

When it comes to nutrition, balance is king – so don’t be afraid to jazz it up, even if it means incorporating some soul foods in addition to whole foods! Kids prefer sweetened yoghurt? No stress, nothing a drizzle of honey can’t solve. Or maybe your littles are obsessed with lollies or chocolate buttons? Add a couple on top to decorate. It won’t hurt – dietitian’s pinky promise.

2. Banana Rolls

Think wraps are only good for savoury creations? Think again, as we’re about to create something as exceptional as it is easy-peasy! Enter one of our ultimate meal prep parenting hacks, banana rolls. 


  1. Lay out a tortilla wrap

  2. Spread a thin layer of nut butter of choice on it

  3. Optionally, add extra sweetness if needed by spreading some jam, honey or (ultimate indulgence alert!) hazelnut choc spread on top

  4. Place a peeled banana at one end and roll it up tightly

  5. Slice the roll into bite-sized pieces, and you've got a snack that's easy to handle and bursting with flavour!

Hot tip: 

Incorporating wholegrain or wholemeal wraps into this meal is a wonderful way to boost nutritional content while introducing more complex textures and flavours into your child’s diet. 

3. Crunchy Chickpea Poppers

In your frugal living era? You will especially love this crunchy, savoury snack that’s easy on the wallet and full of flavour! All you need is a can of chickpeas and a few optional pantry staples you likely have handy already. A wonderful mum hack to replace traditional store-bought chips and crackers (bonus sustainable living points for simultaneously foregoing all the crinkly plastic packaging typical for such snacks), these addictive poppers are rich in fibre and protein and devoid of any mysterious additives.


  1. Roast canned chickpeas with a sprinkle of olive oil and your favourite seasoning – whether it's a hint of garlic powder, paprika, or a dash of cumin 

  2. Place on a baking sheet in a single layer and bake at approx. 180-200℃ until they achieve the perfect level of crispiness (appliances may vary pretty wildly, but as a guide, this usually takes about 20-30 mins)

Hot tip: 

While we’re here to talk about easy kids snacks, here’s a little culinary detour: absolutely delicious on their own, chickpea poppers also make a great crunchy salad topping. Yum!

4. Apple Wheels

Australia is home to many varieties of delicious apples so it’s only natural to put a yummy snack twist on this crunchy favourite! Packed with vitamins and quite filling thanks to a winning combination of carbs, fats and fibre, these are sure to win over the little hearts and bellies. 


  1. Slice apples horizontally to create rounds

  2. Spread each round with a nut butter of choice (or another sweet spread such as jam if you’re in a pinch or juggling household allergies)

  3. Place another apple round on top to make a sandwich, with the spread acting as the glue. Done and dusted! 

  4. Optional: Add a super light drizzle of lemon juice to prevent the apples from going rusty-coloured if they’re not going to be eaten soon – but that’s a purely cosmetic conundrum that doesn’t affect the taste at all

Hot tip: 

Why not turn snack time into a playtime boredom buster by involving your kids in making the apple wheels? For example, you could encourage them to add edible eyes and mouths using raisins or chocolate chips, creating a goofy face that's almost too cute to eat. Everyone is fed and entertained? Parenting goals right here!

5. Veggie Dippers

The humble veggie dippers are a wonderful way to encourage your kids to try some new flavours and textures, while enjoying their favourite dips. Rainbow of nutrients, here we come! This one is as simple as it gets.


  1. Slice colourful veggies like carrots, capsicum, and cucumber (preferably unpeeled - less work and more benefits!) into strips

  2. Pair them with a side of a dip – such as:

    1. Hummus for a protein boost

    2. Greek yoghurt with garlic and herbs for a more complex zesty flavour or

    3. Something as simple as ranch if your kids aren’t quite ready for such an overdose of health! It’s totally ok – remember, we’re aiming for balance, and they’re already loading up on veggies.

Hot tip: 

To save money, shop for seasonal veggies and raid local markets for end-of-day specials. But even if you only have time to pop into a major supermarket and grab whatever they’ve got, you’re still winning for sustainability compared to purchasing pre-cut veggie sticks in plastic packaging. 

From a hassle to the wonderland of easy kid's snacks, we hope our selection inspired you with these simple, practical ideas! One yummy bite at a time, you're not just feeding your kids; you're instilling a love for wholesome eating habits with a lasting impact. After all, when it comes to parenting, a little creativity in the kitchen goes a long way in making snack time a creative adventure for both you and your kids!

Liz Iudakhina

Liz Iudakhina

Researcher . Dietitian . Crazy cat lady . Toddler mum

When she’s not decoding the universe or negotiating with a tiny human over juice vs. water ratios, you’ll find her cuddled up with two meowing furballs. A true plate-spinning pro, she turns broccoli into superhero snacks and threads various facets of motherhood into delightful stories.

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