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Sunny Wallis

Apr 24, 2023. 1 min read


10 Bright Storage and Display Ideas for Your Child's Artwork and Craft Supplies

Tidying and storing kids' toys is one thing, but cleaning up, organising and storing kids' artwork is a whole new realm of frustration and house destruction. Most children are ready to start scribbling by 12 to 18 months old. So now, on top of storing kid's artwork, you also have ink spills, googly eyes and fuzzy straws to contend with! We love the handmade cards, the footprint reindeer and the sparkly paper plates, but the question remains… What do we do with it all? Perhaps we take it to the tip for recycling like Bandit Heeler, or shove it in an old shoe box for safekeeping? Huggies explains how your child's artistic skills develop over time and how being supportive and celebrating your child's creations is vital for their creative development. Well, we've got some ideas that might help. Below are eight ways to display kids' artwork and brighten up your family home, along with some top tips for storing kids' artwork and supplies.


8 stunning ideas for displaying kid’s artwork:

1. Frame

Give your kids' painting a bit of class by placing them in photo frames. Not only does this preserve your kid's artwork, but it also means you can choose frames that complement the interior design of your home. We've seen some fantastic interchangeable frames online, perfect for displaying those multiple masterpieces of creation! Check out these frames on Etsy!

2. Washing line

We know what you're thinking… "I do enough washing already!". But don't worry, this isn't like stringing up 10 socks that don't match! All you need is a roll of string, a couple of nails and a handful of miniature pegs. This is a charming way of filling some wall space and makes changing the display quick and easy! This would be best used for drawings, paintings, small hanging objects and cutouts.

3. ‘Look what I made’ peg board

Like the washing line, this lets you peg up artwork and change the display nice and quick. A peg board also gives some added control of the aesthetics. You can choose the board's material, colour and size and allow it to complement your personal taste. Here's some more inspiration from Etsy!

4. Printed canvas

Have you ever thought about scanning your kids' artwork? Making your kids' artwork digital opens up a whole new world of possibilities for displaying their work. For those extra special pieces, why not turn them into a printed canvas? They make an excellent gift for family members or a more long-term, permanent display for your home! 

5. Digital picture frame or smart TV

Too many amazing finger paintings to choose from? No problem! Take a look at some digital photo frames. These allow your images to rotate on a timer. You can show off a whole portfolio of digitally transformed pieces from your mini Picasso! Here's what we're talking about!

6. Yearbook

Want to see their skills develop over time? Why not make a yearbook of their artwork. This could be a simple scrapbook full of glued pieces, or they can be scanned and turned into a printed book (another super gift idea for grandparents!). 

7. Pin board

A lovely little pinboard would work perfectly if you're not overly artistic or want to spend less money on this project. This could be a corkboard or even a magnetic whiteboard. Another method for simply and quickly changing the display. You could keep the board themed, showing seasonal work, holiday specials or colour-coded pieces for added aesthetics.

8. Coathangers 

Love a bit of DIY? Grab yourself some old hangers and a handful of nails for this one. You could paint your hangers for added effect or add accessories like fairy lights, flowers or bunting to bring the area to life. Pinterest has some great inspiration!

So now you have the artwork looking nice. What are you going to do about all the paints and brushes?

7 practical and pretty ways to store your child’s art and craft supplies

Pen lids rolling around under your kitchen table? Painting sponges on the draining board? Finger paintings on your fridge? Or what about sliding stacks of scrap paper on your bookcase? Does this all sound too familiar? 

The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACEQA) report on creating a perfect play space suggests that materials, resources and equipment should be positioned so children can reach them independently, as long as they are safe to use and non-toxic. So it's crucial to think about how you store your craft equipment at home.

Here's a quick and dirty list (pardon the pun) of how you can store your kid's art supplies to keep the house clean, organised, safe and stress-free:

  1. Colour code your paints, pens and paper! This looks dreamy and is much easier for children to find the colour they need.

  2. Glass jars. Do you have lots of 'bits and bobs' like googly eyes, sponges and tissue paper? Categorise them into glass jars for a rustic effect.

  3. Arts & Crafts trolley. This is our favourite. Why not do up an old catering trolley or sideboard unit to make a perfect little art trolley? Here's a popular example from Kmart.

  4. Hidden shelving. There's no shame in just wanting to hide all the mess. Create some dedicated space in an easily accessible cupboard to store all your supplies. Some little boxes or baskets will come in handy for categorising the items!

  5. Cups. Do your kids have lots of pens, pencils, scissors, brushes, straws and glue sticks? All these items can be put in open-top cups for easy storage and access.

  6. Tupperware and Boxes. As a parent, you can't get enough storage boxes. Hide, hide and hide some more. Out of sight, out of mind mentality here. Bunnings is always a great place to start!

  7. Lazy Suzanne Turntable. Tired of reaching to the back of the shelf? A lazy suzanne of essential craft supplies is perfect for keeping everything in its place! They're relatively cheap, and you can find many examples on Amazon!

Hopefully, you have been inspired by these ideas for storing kid's artwork, and you're one step closer to creating a happy home that's absolutely jam-packed with Picasso's and finger paintings!

Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

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