Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

Dec 16, 2023. 3 mins read


Empower Your Child's Dreams Through Goal Setting in 2024

The arrival of the New Year is a time cherished by all. Whether it's the thrill of embarking on a fresh journey, joining in lively street celebrations, marvelling at the annual Harbour Bridge fireworks, bidding farewell to last year's misfortunes, or eagerly embracing new goals and challenges!

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For us adults, a New Year's resolution typically involves aspirations like adopting healthier habits, saving money, or pursuing new career opportunities. Admittedly, these resolutions don't always result in perfect outcomes, but here's an intriguing thought: setting goals with your children can add an extra layer of motivation and enjoyment to the mix. Are you on board?? So, when is the right age for our children to commence their goal-setting journey, and can they truly stay committed to it? 

Goal setting for children can come with some fantastic advantages. It helps teach children key qualities they’ll need throughout their school, social and work life, including:

  1. Self motivation

  2. Decision making

  3. Focus

  4. Sense of purpose

  5. Perseverance 

  6. Accomplishment 

Goal Ideas

So, what kind of resolutions should they be setting? Every child has some aspect of their behaviour that might be holding them back, or a habit we’ve been trying to knock out for a long time. But, we don’t have to focus on the negatives, you might want to start a new family tradition or reach a sporting or educational achievement. Here are some examples to start the conversion at your dinner table this festive season:

School focus resolutions:

  • I will do all my homework on time

  • I will make my handwriting neater

  • I will read a new book every week/month

  • I will join an afterschool club

  • I will put myself forward for events at school

  • I will get a better grade in my maths tests

  • I will learn about a new topic that interests me at home (surfing, animals, gardening)

  • I will get an award at school

Household focus resolutions

  • I will tidy my bedroom

  • I will make my bed everyday

  • I will help take the bins out every week

  • I will put away my own washing

  • I will wash up after dinner

  • I will cook dinner once a week

  • I will keep my toys tidy and give away toys I no longer play with

  • I will only watch 1 hour of television a day

  • I will help more with our pet

Family focus resolutions:

  • We will eat dinner as a family everyday - read our latest blog on family meal planning!

  • We will visit or call grandparents once a week

  • We will go for a 20 minute walk after school everyday

  • We will all have jobs to do around the house

  • We will all spend 15 minutes talking about our day

  • We spend one evening together with no television every week

  • We will try one vegan dinner every week

Environmental focus resolutions:

  • I will use a reusable water bottle for school everyday

  • I will turn off the light when I leave a room

  • I will ask my parents to choose sustainable toys, toy library or secondhand toys 

  • I will plant something green once a month

  • I will swap toys once a month

  • I will participate in a community clean up every 3 months

  • I will turn off the tap when I brush my teeth

  • I will always put my rubbish in the bin

  • I will learn what can be recycled and put them in the right bin

  • I will participate in toy recycling with my old or broken toys

Child focus resolutions:

  • I will wash my hands more 

  • I will eat more fruit and vegetables

  • I will limit my time on the computer or television

  • I will pick a new sport or physical activity to try

  • I will exercise for 20 minutes everyday

  • I will try a new food every week

  • I will set an alarm everyday

  • I will learn to fix my own bike/pump my own tyres

Behaviours focus resolutions 

  • I will be kind to my sister or brother

  • I will tell my parents when I feel upset or angry

  • I won’t hit or name call

  • I will visit or call my grandparents once a week

  • I will listen to my mummy and daddy first time

  • I will not answer back

  • I will be more confident in myself

  • I will celebrate my achievements with the family

Community focus resolutions

  • I will help my neighbour with a small task like watering a plant once a week

  • I will do a random act of kindness once a month

  • I will organise a donation collection or toy donation drive with my siblings/ parents for a local charity

  • I will share my toys and encourage toy sharing with other kids at childcare, school or the park

  • I will help my parents arrange a toy exchange party with my friends

  • I will say please and thank you when talking to grown ups and other children

  • I will pick up rubbish in the playground

  • I will donate my toys to other kids less lucky than me

Now they’ve chosen a resolution, how do we help our child stick to it? We all learnt what a SMART Objective is in school and often for work KPI’s. Well, the same principles apply to your child’s resolution. It needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound

Make a Plan

We all know a goal without a plan is just – a wish. So, to make it a reality, keep focus and direction, we’ll need to make a plan. The plan should outline the steps they need to do to reach their goal. For instance, if the goal is to exercise for 15 minutes daily, the plan could include choosing activities they enjoy, scheduling exercise time, packing the right clothes, and tracking their progress. They should also think about what challenges might get in the way of sticking to the plan and what they’ll do to overcome it. 

Pro tip: Starting with small goals and getting quick wins is usually more effective than aiming super high right from the get-go. Those quick wins help keep the motivation rolling and build confidence. 

Monitor Progress

To help keep the resolution at the front of their mind, make a chart for the fridge or frame a poster in their bedroom. You could even create a scrapbook to share progress towards their goal - you may find some inspiration in our recent blog looking at bright storage and display solutions for your home. 

Here’s some useful articles and printable resources: 


Goal setting shouldn't be all serious business; that would seriously drain the fun out of it. So, remember to indulge in small treats and celebrations when you hit those mini-milestones. Plan something delightful to mark both of your accomplishments throughout the year and maintain the excitement. And when the year ends, go all out to celebrate, in whatever way that tickles your fancy because achieving your goals is a huge deal!

We know that life is hard as a busy parent but New Year's Day is the traditional and perfect time to celebrate a new beginning. Making resolutions with your children can be fun and exciting, a time for growth and change and an opportunity for family bonding this festive season! Happy New Year!

Sunny Wallis

Sunny Wallis

Wordsmith. Runner & Hockey player. Mum of two under two.

Tired, all the time. A childcare and education marketing specialist who loves documenting and transcribing the highs and lows of family life. You'll find her in the sunshine, in a sports bra chasing kids on scooters. A pizza fanatic with a small addiction to mojitos. Hates green vegetables but now has to pretend they're her favourite food 5 days a week.

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