Paula Scott

Paula Scott

Feb 6, 2023. 8 mins read


Sneak Peek: Sassybae - A New and Innovative Toy Swapping Mobile App

Oh my goodness, mates. I just stumbled onto a pilot trial of this wallet-saving app that is seriously ace, and what kind of human would I be if I didn't share it with my fellow parents?


Have Toys. Will Swap

In all the parenting books I have read (and trust me, that is A LOT), not one warned me about the mounting pile of toys I would be drowning in. I shudder at the thought of all the money spent trying to keep the littles entertained and/ or educated. Our house is bursting at the seams with toys that someone recommended that kept their wee one busy for hours (lies!) or on a trip to the shops, little Jacky just had—to—have, and you gave in because: Tantrums. It was the for, oh, about a day, and then it's like it never even existed. Research backs up how quickly kids get bored with toys. GAHHH! So now that you've spent your hard earned money on that thing, you damn well should see some return on it. Enter a new way of swapping and no, I don't mean the keys-in-a-bowl type.

No muss, no fuss!

Don't you just loathe the thought of adding a bunch of random toys on your local marketplace? I know I do and I’m not alone. I absolutely avoid doing it, but for the pricier items, it kinda-maybe seems worth my time to try to recoup some of that cheddar. I'm so over the lowball offers, strange interactions with creepy characters, no-shows, or just having it just sit on a shelf. Usually, I end up giving it away to a neighbour because hubby just can't stand seeing it move from one shelf to another one—more—time. There is no chance of just throwing it out, I care about our environment and landfills, even if little Jonny doesn't… yet… I'm working on that. But I'm also no fan of lighting cash on fire. If you and I know this cycle all too well, then you can bet your ass other parents are in the same boat.

Toy swapping has just entered the chat. Hello, Sassybae. We've been waiting for you

Sassybae, this revolutionary new app connects parents and caregivers so that we can swap toys conveniently and efficiently and keeps those items out of landfill. Yes, 

please. Check this: According to leading eco retailer Flora & Fauna: "Every year, Australians spend over $1 billion buying new toys at Christmas. A staggering 26.8 million toys are thrown in the bin. Meanwhile, 1.6 million Australians can't afford a Christmas gift for their child." So sad! That's where Sassybae can help. Green Peace, you may contact me here for tips. Also, you've already spent a ton of money on that crushing mountain of toys, so why spend more? By swapping the toys we already have, we can introduce NEW toys at no additional cost. An added teaching moment: We can show our small humans that money, unfortunately, and in fact, does not grow on trees. Now that is speaking my mum language. The 3 R's have never been so easy! Reduce, reuse, and recycle, my friends. The planet will thank you. And a HUGE bonus… any items that don't swap, you can choose to DONATE. Just look at you, being all philanthropy.

So how does it work? I'm so glad you asked!

Start by joining the waitlist! After you’ve joined the pilot program, download the mobile app, create your profile, and then you’re off to the races! Just take photos of all those clutter-creating toys and list them on your page. Like a dating mobile app for toys, you can browse, swipe and like! If you like their toy and they like yours – BOOM — you've got a match! Slide into their DM's (not in that way) to arrange a time and place to swap. Tinder users are feeling seen right about now. You get to bring home that new-to-them toy that will keep them occupied for anywhere from 5 minutes to 100 days. Yes, this app is amazing, but it's not a miracle worker! Guess what if it's closer to 5 minutes to one whole day? Yep, you guessed it… another swap is just a few clicks away. What a rush! And don't forget to leave that review because in the future, if you want to find legit trustworthy peeps on the mobile app before swapping, this is the way to get safe, easy swaps and avoid those time wasters on all the other marketplaces. 

Why should you join the waitlist? Because you're not a regular mum, you're a modern (see: cool) mum

Mobile apps are only going to become more common for parents to manage their home lives. Why not use Sassybae to make your hectic life easier? You get to avoid the awkward money exchanges, scams, low ballers, driving across town to meet idiots with dodgy product… you only interact with people whom you've both liked each other's items. Think of the time and petrol money saved and not to mention the creepy crawlies you have avoided. Blecch! More importantly, you both have skin in the game. You both want a quality toy to delight your sweet little ankle biters who are probably around the same age. You have a lot in common already! You may even make a mum friend – and lord knows, we can all use one of those. Swiping through Sassbae toys removes all the noise of your local marketplace. I don't need to see hundreds of items just to get to the good stuff. Think of it like a library of toys, without all the shushing from the angry librarian and without annual fees! 

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

We all could use sanity-saving tools to help make our lives run more smoothly and — save us money. Instead of doom-scrolling before bed, check Sassybae for new items added in your area and start the day right with new toys/ play experiences that will expand little Sally's mind or, at the very least, give you 10 minutes to shower (hallelujah). You can sleep soundly knowing you have saved some cash, helped promote a more sustainable planet by reducing waste, created play opportunities for the kidlets, and created a happy home. You go girl! 

So here's what you do:

  1. Join the Sassybae waitlist

  2. Go grab those toys that are collecting dust

  3. Take pictures of those toys that you spent a fortune on

  4. Don't cry

  5. List them on the mobile app

  6. Start swiping!

  7. SWAP it like it's hot

  8. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  9. Spend that money on those shoes you have been eyeing instead

  10. Tell your friends and wait to be thanked later

You're welcome 🙂.

Paula Scott

Paula Scott

Active mum of 2 . Wife . Research Nerd . World Traveller . Adventure Seeker

Loves writing about fashion, travel, parenting, must-have products, and music. She can be found chasing her children, playing tennis, at the beach, or at a concert. Loves to eat. Hates to cook.

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