Benson Tait

Benson Tait

Oct 28, 2023. 3 mins read


Sassybae’s Vision, Mission and Values to Simplify Life for Busy Parents

In the chaotic world of parenting, where sleep-deprived mums and dads juggle a million tasks, a little help goes a long way. While little ones zip around, looking for their favourite toy or outgrowing clothes faster than you can say "nap time," a brand new kid on the block is here to make parenting simpler, smarter, and more sustainable.

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Welcome to the world of Sassybae, a toy community where we're all about saving money, sustainable living, and simplifying parenthood! Busy parents from Australia can enjoy this revolutionary mobile app that helps families swap and donate kids’ stuff conveniently.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where parenting is a breeze. Or, if we’re being realistic, a bit more of a breeze.

Sassybae's core vision is to make parenting simpler, smarter, and more sustainable. Offering much more than a humble toy swapping app it may look like at a glance, we're here to revolutionise how parents access kids' stuff by providing a simple solution that saves time, money, and the planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is as simple as it is uniquely ambitious. We're here to provide busy parents with a convenient way to give and get kids' stuff. From toys, books and clothes swapping to giving and getting donations, we’ve got it covered.

We believe parenting should be a joyful experience, not a constant struggle to keep up with your child's ever-changing needs. 

Our Purpose

While we're on a mission to simplify parenthood, our underlying purpose is to help parents create happier homes. We want to be the icing on the cake, the sprinkle on the cupcake, and the cherry on top of the sundae – all of which make life sweeter.

Our purpose allows you to focus on what truly matters – making memories with your little ones.

Our Values

At Sassybae, our values are like the compass guiding us through the whirlwind of parenthood. Let's take a closer look at them:

Keep It Simple:

We aim to provide an easy user-friendly experience that simplifies your life.

We believe in keeping things familiar and easy. Parenting is complex enough; there's no need for our app to add to the chaos.

A Brighter Future:

We're committed to leaving a positive impact on our families, our people, and our planet.

Did you know that in Australia, nearly 27 million kids toys are chucked yearly, ending up in landfills? Yikes! Sassybae is not about that life. By promoting a circular economy and reducing waste, we're contributing to a brighter future for everyone.

Do It Smarter:

We thrive on fresh ideas and continuously seek ways to improve the parenting experience.

Clever hacks are our jam. Time-poor parents, your sanity is safe with us!

We Are Family:

We seek to nurture our community to bring out the best in ourselves and others.

We're not just a brand; we're a community. Together, we can conquer the challenges of parenthood, one toy swap and heartwarming conversation at a time.

Bring More Humour:

We aim to create fun and memorable experiences when you need a lighthearted pick me up.

We know laughter really is the best medicine. We love our kids, but let's be honest, it’s darn hard at times.

In the wild and challenging adventures of parenthood, Sassybae is your trusty sidekick, your partner in crime, and your ticket to a happier, simpler life. With a vision and mission to make parenting a breeze and values that keep us grounded and focused on what truly matters, we're here to bring more humour, ease, and joy into the lives of parents.

Are you ready to get involved in the new sharing economy through Sassybae’s toy marketplace? Join us on this exciting journey, and let's make parenting a whole lot sassier!

Together, we'll laugh, swap toys, donate – and, most of all, cherish all the moments that make parenthood one of life's greatest adventures.

Benson Tait

Benson Tait

Design . Digital . Fathering . Husbanding . Surviving . Founder

A man who loves design, technology, food and his family of two young girls and a smart gorgeous wife, who is on a mission to make parenting easier and help kids flourish for a happier home.

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