Benson Tait

Benson Tait

May 18, 2024. 2 mins read


Save Your Wallet and Sanity With Preloved Kids Toys and Clothes

Listen, we get it. Your kiddos are your entire world! And while you may be rocking the same leggings 10 years later (no judgement, us too!), we don't tend to lend that same attitude when it comes to dressing our children. From fun and exciting outfits to celebrate holidays to sourcing out clothing displaying their favourite animals, superheroes and more, we naturally want our children to look as wonderful as they are to us. And that's okay!

Male volunteer holding donation box with old toys

But with soaring lifestyle and childcare costs, navigating our way around parenthood can be a nightmare financially. This causes us to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and it can often feel like adorable clothing for children is reserved for those in a higher tax bracket.

Want some good news? It doesn't have to be this way! There are countless ways to provide your children a fun and enriching childhood without breaking the bank, including venturing into the world of preloved toys and clothes.

What are Preloved Toys and Clothes?

Preloved toys and clothes are exactly what they sound like – items that have been loved by a previous owner! Often referred to as secondhand clothing, you can score high-quality items at a fraction of the price by shopping used. Now we know what you're thinking. Won't that just mean you're left with stained T-shirts and trousers with holes in them? Err, not quite, more about that later!

Why should I buy preloved toys and clothes?

Here are two (major) macro reasons to avoid new where possible!

  • Ethical Concerns: It's no secret that fast fashion is destroying our planet, destroying our planet in the process. With low-quality items that don't last longer than a couple of washes, this clothing often comes from disturbing practices. Often involving the exploitation of women and children to result in a shockingly low price tag, these garments are usually the result of modern slavery. With workers being forced to work up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, no parent wants their child adorning clothing that comes from such a toxic environment.

  • Environmental Impact: And if the unethical roots behind fast fashion aren't enough to get you going, consider the harm being done to our planet in the name of cheap clothing. Accounting for 10% of the world's carbon emissions, the fast fashion industry is drying up water resources and polluting rivers and streams. It's even estimated that 85% of textiles go to dumps each year! And while buying that cheap outfit for Christmas may feel like a no-brainer, remember where it's likely to end up - the landfill.

Preloved kids' clothes and toys don't have to be a product of harmful practices. For the same price you'd be spending on clothing with questionable origins, you can score yourself high-quality items that will last through all the trials and tribulations of childhood.

Here’s what we love about the preloved market

Remeber how you were worried about stained T-shirts and trousers with holes in them? Don’t worry, we’ve covered this and other reasons why you, too, will love prevloved:

  • Quality and Durability: The great thing about high-quality clothing is that it's made to last. Through countless washes, messy play and more, you can rest assured that these garments are in tip-top shape despite being loved before.

  • Like-New Condition: And even better, kids grow out of clothing very quickly. As you already know! This means their preloved garments have often only been worn a handful of times, leaving you with like-new items. Helping you snag kids' clothing you once dreamt of for a fraction of the price, the preloved clothing and toy space can often feel like a well-kept secret among parents.

  • Financial Savings: Shopping secondhand helps you save money and stay within your budget. Yes. Deepen your pockets!

  • Decluttering Benefits: Selling what you don't need allows you to declutter your home and reduce stress. You already know the stress and anxiety that comes with a jam-packed home. Give yourself a break and get rid of the clothing and toys you don't need to combat the stresses that come with parenthood.

Where's the best place to find preloved toys and clothes?

It's not as hard as you think to nab a bargain. Preloved kids marketplace, toy libraries, thrift stores and toy-swapping apps are changing the game in the world of preloved clothing, helping you quickly source high-quality items for your kiddos. 

And here at Sassybae, we're on a mission to make swapping and donating secondhand toys and clothing easier than ever before. With our free, convenient and easy-to-use app, you can find exactly what you're looking for with helpful filtering options to search for gender, interests, size and more! Designed by parents for parents, our app has been thoughtfully curated for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Check it out today!

Benson Tait

Benson Tait

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A man who loves design, technology, food and his family of two young girls and a smart gorgeous wife, who is on a mission to make parenting easier and help kids flourish for a happier home.

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